Rams for Sale




2018 On-Property Sale Rams

W17003   LOT 11

Mic: 18.3    SD: 2.5   CV: 13.7    CF: 99.9    BWT (kg): 115

A dual purpose fine wool sire. This ram is a very athletic sire, with brightness and nourishment. He has a constitution and wool that will handle any environment. W17003 is a sire that will have an impact. His sire, LB15001 was ET bred by B13014 out of a OONo.2 ewe.



R17025 LOT 3

Mic: 22.2   SD: 3.6    CV: 16.2    CF: 98.4    BWT (kg): 122

A sire by Wallaloo Park W22 and out of one of our best medium wool ewes. R17025 is a big sheep with more growing left in him. He has a long soft bulky, bright wool with 100mm of staple length grown in 6 months. A free growing, dual purpose sire for those who wish to shear twice a year and not mules.

P17005 LOT 9

Mic: 19.1    SD: 3.2  CV: 16.8    CF: 99.3    BWT (kg): 112

A deep bodied, exceptionally well balanced fine medium wool sire, with quality wool and skin. this is a ram without fault.

B17006 LOT 2

Mic: 19.1    SD: 3.3   CV: 17.3    CF: 99.6    BWT (kg): 115

A large frame, bright soft wool sire with a very long staple and a bulky lock structure.


B17004 LOT 6

Mic: 20.7    SD: 2.8    CV: 13.5   CF: 99.8    BWT (kg): 119

By white tag 12228. (A sire that cut 44lb of wool through the shed) W12228 is out of OONo.2 “12” (x RP09014) by Willandra Desmond. B17004 is a heavy cutting, rich medium wool sire, with a very good constitution.


R17047  LOT 5

Mic: 20.1    SD: 3.0    CV: 14.9   CF: 99.9    BWT (kg): 113

A heavy cutting medium wool sire with a pedigree to breed on. (Real Deal, Kelvinator, Majestic, One Oak and OOP B13014) His mother has exceptional staple length with free growing heavy cutting wool, as does the sire, Wallaloo Park 422

W17001  LOT 10

Mic: 19.2    SD: 3.2    CV: 16.7   CF: 99.3    BWT (kg): 104

A long stapled, white, fine style wool on a ram with a very good carcus. A dual purpose fine wool type.