One Oak Poll Merino Stud was established in 1963 by father and son Alby and Graham Wells and has been run by Alistair and Natasha Wells since 1996.

One Oak Poll was initially founded with 80 ewes from One Oak and one ram from Stud Park North. The main Bloodlines used in these initial years came from Bundamar, Merriville, Collinsville, Pooginook (purchase of Pooginook Poll stud in early 1980’s), Glenroy and Morundie Park.

Since 1990 the main influences on the stud have been through the use of semen from One Oak No.2 B32 (by Merriville Ringmaster sire) and Colllinsville Rambo. One Oak Poll sires Columbus and P37 (by B32) have impacted on breeding the finer end of the stud. Two grandsons of P37 won Grand Champion Poll Ram at Dubbo and Sydney.

One Oak Poll sires, Mr Ed and Arnie (both by Collinsvillle 540) and Terminator (by OOP sire Arnie) at that time, revolutionized our medium wools.   In 1997, One Oak Poll sire “Mr Ed” won Grand Champion Poll Ram and Reserve Grand Champion Ram at Dubbo. This ram was used widely throughout the industry with positive results. Mr Ed, son of Collinsville sire 540 (Rambo), injected more size, correct structure and extra staple length into One Oak Poll genetics.

Wilimenup sires 32, 606 (Australian Ram of the Year, 2001) and “Sir Winston” (Australian Ram of the Year, 2002) were used to continue this type.   Sir Winston had a significant influence in the stud.

Quality medium wool was the foundation of One Oak Poll with size and fleece weight dominating breeding directions during the 1980’s with a push back toward finer, well nourished, stylish wool in the 1990’s.   Since 2000 we have been stabilising the breeding of a heavier cutting, plainer bodied Poll Merino which is early maturing, with bright, bulky soft, wools.

One Oak Poll Merino Stud

When we were young! Alistair and Natasha Wells with Mr Ed, Champion Poll Merino Ram, Dubbo National Show in 1997. A modern Merino over 20 years ago and the direction we have followed since.


One Oak Dispersal:

With the dispersal of One Oak Studs in 2014, and the retirement of Graham and Mary Wells, we joined a number of the top One Oak, No.2 and Prime ewes to Poll sires and have 470 lambs from this joining. This has given us the opportunity to continue the One Oak and One Oak No. 2 and One Oak Prime type within our Stud.

With the top 130 mixed aged No.2 ewes at One Oak we joined them A.I. to Poll sires. Three daughters of Roseville Park 90014, out of One Oak No. 2 were also used in an ET program in January. 130 five year and older ewes were also purchased from One Oak No 2. in 2014.

We will continue the One Oak No. 2 type and blend with the finer end of our Poll sheep. Our current finer Poll family have performed well, winning Fine Wool Champion March Shorn Poll Ram at Dubbo this year and Champion Fine Medium March Shorn Poll Ram at Bendigo in 2008.

We also joined Poll rams to the One Oak Prime family. The size and staple length and fertility of these sheep will interest many of our current clients. We used One Oak Poll sire, Mr Ed over the top One Oak Prime ewes and two of our largest and best quality sires over the remainder of these ewes.

130 top five year and older ewes were also purchased from One Oak and we also joined the top 120 mixed aged One Oak ewes, at One Oak, A.I. to Willandra GP and Desmond and one of our top sires from our 2012 drop. We joined this progeny separately for a period of time maintaining the One Oak type of heavy cutting medium wools, which are very similar to our own One Oak Poll type and have blended these in over a period of time. In 2010 we used Collinsville Majestic over the very best One Oak ewes to continue on with the One Oak type sheep. We have used the progeny of this joining and other One Oak and One Oak No.2 ewes in E.T. programs since 2013.

One Oak Poll Merino Stud sire

One Oak Poll Stud sire by Majestic. ET bred out of One Oak No 2. elite special stud ewe